The Milele Centre reconnects a missing child with her family.

One of our School Start Pack  beneficiaries is Anne* and her mother is Mary*.  Anne has been in one of our education clubs in the past and is now a teen in her final year of High school. Earlier in the year, Anne and her family had to seek refuge in a local catholic church… Continue reading The Milele Centre reconnects a missing child with her family.

Inside Haggai’s home during lockdown

Lockdown life in Uganda is definitely a change for locals, where so much of life is out on the streets. Usually, small businesses and outdoor markets are the heartbeat of so many Ugandan cities. It’s usually a place where people ride bikes, walk or many cram into small vans or in the back of utes.… Continue reading Inside Haggai’s home during lockdown

Important update about Covid-19

Wherever you live, no doubt you’ve been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak and are currently in some form of lockdown or isolation. Here’s an update on how our Partners and their communities are coping at the moment amidst the restrictions and distancing. Up until recently, the virus hasn’t broken out too widely in Central Africa,… Continue reading Important update about Covid-19

The race to build a place of healing

As the concrete slab is poured for the new rehabilitation centre in Kyampisi, it’s hard for workers on the ground not to become a little emotional. It’s been many years of planning, dreaming and praying to reach this stage. And finally, progress can be seen. When it’s finished, St Pauls Rehabilitation Centre will be a… Continue reading The race to build a place of healing

Trafficked children given a home

With your help, Kyampisi Childcare Ministries (KCM) is about to care for more than 12 trafficked children who have been rescued. These children, aged 4 to 12 years old, were trafficked across Uganda by a terrorist group looking for child soldiers to fight in armed conflict. The Ugandan Government has asked KCM to support these… Continue reading Trafficked children given a home

DIAS message spreads to Qld Parliament

In October, Queensland’s politicians heard about the work of Droplets In A Stream. We are so grateful for the opportunity! Dr Christian Rowan, the Member for Moggill, is a strong supporter of DIAS, having been vital in helping us prepare visas for children who have come to Australia for surgery. In his address to his… Continue reading DIAS message spreads to Qld Parliament

A school bursting at the seams

New Seasons is filled with life and joy. Children kick around a plastic bottle on their makeshift dirt ‘soccer’ fields. It’s surrounded by rubbish, with blackboards too small to teach on. The rickety wooden buildings with concrete floors are dark and barely stand up. But the smiles of the children learning inside are big. Haggai… Continue reading A school bursting at the seams

The life of a slum student

In a small rented room, in the middle of a small Ugandan slum, you’ll find a boy called Timothy. He’s 12 but he still shares a bed with his brother, while his mum and sister share a bed in the same room beside them Timothy’s father abandoned his family, leaving Timothy’s mum to take care… Continue reading The life of a slum student

A house made of sticks

When we walked into their mud and stick house, it was hard to believe these four young siblings could live like that. But they were proud. Stephen, Kevin, Philip and Molly are orphans. Both of their parents passed away, and now at just 15 years old, Kevin has taken on the role a head of… Continue reading A house made of sticks

Marie’s story

Marie’s* life was marked by exploitation, rape, substance abuse and alcohol. This was her reality every day as a sex worker on the streets of Nateete. A series of events led her to this life, where she was forced to trade herself as some kind of commodity. Growing up, she experienced abuse, including rape and… Continue reading Marie’s story