Dirt and water bringing life

Domtila and Kevin have two very different stories, but they have one thing in common: the Milele Farm is keeping their families alive. The Milele Farm is giving more than 15 families in the community food, plus it employs three people to work the land. One worker, Domtila, is a widow with a disabled child… Continue reading Dirt and water bringing life

“It was a moment of joy in the slum”

At the end of last year, you helped fund three Christmas parties in Kyampisi, Kisumu and Nateete. Haggai, our partner who organised celebrations for the children at New Seasons School, shares his experiences: “Most of the families in Nateete are poor of the poorest and they cannot afford to celebrate Christmas. So a Christmas party… Continue reading “It was a moment of joy in the slum”

Violet was 2 years old…

It was a normal morning for two-year-old Violet*. On a Wednesday last year, her dad dropped her off at a neighbour’s house. Her mum was sick in a nearby medical centre and he needed to go see her. But when Violet’s dad came to collect her at 5pm, she was gone. The neighbour’s kids all… Continue reading Violet was 2 years old…

The memory that brought me to tears

It’s mayhem. Children running around, squealing with delight. An endless group of kids, clumped in front of the camera, pushing each other to catch a glimpse of themselves in a photo. It’s a crazy scene whenever a bunch of kids live together, but especially when people are visiting from another country. I was one of… Continue reading The memory that brought me to tears

This thought changed everything

It all started when a group of Aussies were confronted with a thought: “Will you remember these people?” That was back in 2006 and now DIAS is celebrating 10 years working with partners in Africa. “I vividly remember the moment I was challenged to act,” says DIAS Director, Rodney Callanan. “I was walking down a… Continue reading This thought changed everything

DIAS Update: May 2016

Tax Deductibility: We are very happy to announce that the Australian Charities and not for Profit Commission (ACNC) and the Australian Tax Office (ATO) have classified us as a Public Benevolent Institution and this now means that all donations and gifts over $2 now qualify for a tax deductible receipt. So, you now have an… Continue reading DIAS Update: May 2016

Strength to Strength

An update from founder: Rodney Callanan As I write this and contemplate the year ahead for Droplets In A Stream (DIAS), I am both excited at the prospect of what is ahead and humbled at what we have achieved. From unsure beginnings by 3 like-minded friends some nine years ago (who were not quite sure… Continue reading Strength to Strength