“It was a moment of joy in the slum”

At the end of last year, you helped fund three Christmas parties in Kyampisi, Kisumu and Nateete.

Haggai, our partner who organised celebrations for the children at New Seasons School, shares his experiences:

“Most of the families in Nateete are poor of the poorest and they cannot afford to celebrate Christmas. So a Christmas party was a very big blessing for the children, and this could be seen on their faces. We celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ with children who come from Islamic, witchcraft-infected and non-church going homes.

“Most of the kids who came have no biological parents, but stay with caretakers who are either old or unemployed, without any income. This causes the children to wonder among the garbage heaps looking for left overs, which are normally mixed with dirt and waste.

“Giving these children a warm meal and drink was a big miracle. It even drew in children from the neighbourhood who were not part of the school and we could not send them away! So we shared what was available. It was a moment of celebration and joy all over the slum.

“Many other children in our school still treasure the gifts they received during the party, like balls, binoculars, dolls and clothes. They have already begun to claim this year’s Christmas party, and our hope is to have this every Christmas and see this impact growing each year.”

Thank you for making it possible!