The Milele Centre reconnects a missing child with her family.

One of our School Start Pack  beneficiaries is Anne* and her mother is Mary*.  Anne has been in one of our education clubs in the past and is now a teen in her final year of High school. Earlier in the year, Anne and her family had to seek refuge in a local catholic church… Continue reading The Milele Centre reconnects a missing child with her family.

House for 21 infants almost complete!

Although COVID-19 has limited some movements and purchasing abilities, progress on Milele’s Early Childhood Development (ECD) House has been steady. When it’s complete, the ECD House will have the capacity to care for 21 children up to five years old in Kisumu, Kenya. A trained ‘house mother’ and a nurse will live in-house with children… Continue reading House for 21 infants almost complete!

A house made of sticks

When we walked into their mud and stick house, it was hard to believe these four young siblings could live like that. But they were proud. Stephen, Kevin, Philip and Molly are orphans. Both of their parents passed away, and now at just 15 years old, Kevin has taken on the role a head of… Continue reading A house made of sticks

The Daughters of Kisumu

While she was at school, she noticed some blood on her skirt. She didn’t know what was happening to her and she was too ashamed to say anything.  A friend told her about a man who could get her some sanitary products, so she got some from him. When the next month came around, she… Continue reading The Daughters of Kisumu

Eunice and her kiosk

Although Eunice had a job working as a pharmacy cashier, she still struggled to break her poverty cycle and could never earn enough to save. She was merely surviving, not thriving. But then her friend told her about Milele’s Group Savings and Loans (GS&L) program back in 2016. At first, she was hesitant. She had… Continue reading Eunice and her kiosk

23 stories and counting

For 18 years, Pauline’s husband had been repairing shoes to support his five children. Tirelessly he worked day and night, hunched over his table, to bring home an income. But it was only just enough to buy food for the family. So Pauline started her own business – a small veggie kiosk – to pay… Continue reading 23 stories and counting

Growing up too young

Kisumu seems to be screaming out a story of abandonment. Parents die at a young age, with their children being forced to grow up far more quickly than they should. That’s exactly what happened to the neighbours living beside the Milele Centre. The four children, aged six to 16 years old, have been living alone… Continue reading Growing up too young

You can rewrite this tragic story

You’re alone. It’s dark. You’re crying out for help, but no one is coming. Imagine you had to go through this, like 17-year-old Jessica did. She didn’t know what was happening to her. She was disabled, unable to talk, walk or feed herself. All she could do was lay on her mat in the dirt…… Continue reading You can rewrite this tragic story

Dirt and water bringing life

Domtila and Kevin have two very different stories, but they have one thing in common: the Milele Farm is keeping their families alive. The Milele Farm is giving more than 15 families in the community food, plus it employs three people to work the land. One worker, Domtila, is a widow with a disabled child… Continue reading Dirt and water bringing life

This is not normal. And you can change it.

The young girls are looked at. Abused. Sold. And many are rejected.And what’s more…. this is all considered normal. The girls and young women of Kisumu are viewed as property. And although it might be culturally accepted, Lindah Nyameche will not rest until that changes. She paints a picture of early marriages, abuse and unsafe… Continue reading This is not normal. And you can change it.