Little lives. Big battles.

Children in Uganda and Kenya are trapped in a cycle of poverty. It's been like this for generations. It's all they've ever known.

For many, this is how the future currently looks.

No Education

Parents cannot afford to pay for education and are struggling to find jobs just so they can feed their families. Children are left to roam the streets during the day, with no education.


When children are not given the opportunity to be educated or given a safe environment, they can end up in the hands of traffickers who take them for sexual exploitation, child labour and as child soldiers to fight in armed conflict.

Teenage Pregnancy

Many girls and young women are culturally viewed as property. They are at risk of sexual abuse, early marriages, pregnancy and life-threatening abortions.

Victims of Child Sacrifice 

In Uganda, children are at risk of being kidnapped and taken to witch doctors who pervert the traditional culture by using children’s body parts during invented rituals, claiming this will lead to good fortune. Children are tortured and they are often left to die.


Some children end up living on the streets because they’ve either been abandoned, their parents have died, or they’ve chosen to leave their homes after being abused, neglected or frightened.

Life is all about survival.
Their future is desolate. Barren. Restricting.

But – we have an opportunity to join these communities as they completely re-write their futures!