You have the opportunity to rewrite a child’s future

Poverty steals hope and happiness from children. It robs them of opportunity and threatens their safety. But we have an opportunity to rewrite their futures! Whether you make a single donation or pledge a monthly gift, 100% of your gift will give children in Africa the support they need to lead happier, healthier lives!

The Crisis

Children in Uganda and Kenya are trapped in a cycle of poverty and neglect. It’s all they’ve ever known. 

Our Mission

With your help, we protect and support the most vulnerable children through education, healthcare and compassionate places of care.

Join Us

Your committed support can help a child find healing, safety, and life-changing education.

Empowering people

who help people

We work hand-in-hand with trusted local leaders who share our commitment to helping children. Their ambitious approach to community development will put a stop to generations of poverty and hopelessness. Forever.

The Milele Centre

Creating a campus to house and educate orphaned and abandoned children.

Bridge Christian Ministries

Building a school campus for slum children to provide life-changing free education.

Kyampisi Childcare Ministries

Developing a clinic and creating a home that rehabilitates victims of child sacrifice.

Your support is powerful

In 2022, we continued to support Kenya and Uganda’s most vulnerable communities.
This real and meaningful impact was only made possible because of friends like you.

Children were fed daily
Children received an education
Adults employed by our partner organisations
Adults and children received medical care
Adults and children receiving counselling