Collaborating with Communities

We partner with four local leaders who share our passion and commitment to helping children. They have big needs and problems to overcome but they also have big dreams! Each team has long-term goals and a vision for what their community can be, decades from now.


Importantly, our people don’t want us to do it for them. Rather, they want help so they can do it for themselves.


Using our professional skills and experience, we mentor, advise and resource our partners to create positive, lasting change. They know what their people need. They live in the same conditions, they suffer the same illnesses and they connect daily with the children in their care. We’ve seen how their understanding of cultural issues and deep-running beliefs can influence change in a meaningful way.

Creating Lasting Change

Support Leaders

 Local leaders do the work, day in day out. It’s vital they are supported. With your help, we cover the salaries of our partners – Haggai & Agnes, Frank & Linda and Peter & Joeline – and their staff.

Support Children

Many children in these communities need ongoing support – like victims of child sacrifice or orphans who have no way to feed themselves. Through your generosity, we provide shelter, schooling, meals, medical care, hygiene kits and other essentials.

Support Projects

Communities grow when they can sustain themselves. With your support, we complete projects to add value to communities – whether that’s building a school, setting up a health clinic or starting a business.

Help our Partners do more

Our amazing community of monthly givers are vital to our ongoing work in Africa. With regular support, we’re able to rush relief in emergencies, scale our impact and amplify positive change.  When you become a Pioneer, you’ll create a legacy of lasting change. 100% of your generosity will go towards helping children and we’ll update you on your impact.

Supporting four rural communities: two in Kenya and two in Uganda
100% of every gift goes towards helping children live, learn and heal.
Thousands of lives have been transformed through our community upliftment projects.