Important update about Covid-19

Wherever you live, no doubt you’ve been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak and are currently in some form of lockdown or isolation. Here’s an update on how our Partners and their communities are coping at the moment amidst the restrictions and distancing. Up until recently, the virus hasn’t broken out too widely in Central Africa,… Continue reading Important update about Covid-19

DIAS message spreads to Qld Parliament

In October, Queensland’s politicians heard about the work of Droplets In A Stream. We are so grateful for the opportunity! Dr Christian Rowan, the Member for Moggill, is a strong supporter of DIAS, having been vital in helping us prepare visas for children who have come to Australia for surgery. In his address to his… Continue reading DIAS message spreads to Qld Parliament

The year ahead

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for what 2019 holds. It feels like this year is ripe with opportunity and I can’t wait to watch the children in Kyampisi, Kisumu, Nateete and Bungoma thrive because of the work you’re doing.   When I think back to last year, there are so many things… Continue reading The year ahead

The day I was given a gift

By Chris Emert It was May 2017, and I was on a long plane trip headed to Uganda. We were on our way to pick up three children and bring them back to Australia for surgery. I’d been before, but this trip would be different for me. Of course now I had some knowledge of… Continue reading The day I was given a gift

DIAS Update: June 2016

DIAS Team to visit Uganda and Kenya in July In July a team of 6 will visit all 3 of our Partners in Uganda and Kenya. They are Jen Barker, Andrew Stewart, Chris Emert, Jon & Bailey Meyers and Rod Callanan. The focus of the trip will be to finalise plans for the Maize Mill… Continue reading DIAS Update: June 2016