Important update about Covid-19

Wherever you live, no doubt you’ve been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak and are currently in some form of lockdown or isolation.

Here’s an update on how our Partners and their communities are coping at the moment amidst the restrictions and distancing.

Up until recently, the virus hasn’t broken out too widely in Central Africa, mainly because of the low number of international travellers. While many of us have been in lock downs and isolation for weeks, many of our African communities are only just now starting to feel the impacts.

And cases are also now growing in Africa.

For all 4 of our Partners, the travel restrictions and closed borders have had the biggest impact on their communities. The cost of food, medications and other basic supplies has immediately increased. And if they can afford to buy food, most of them cannot keep supplies for more than 2 or 3 days, let alone stockpile for 3 months. Most do not have fridges or deep freezers.

Another problem is that social distancing is virtually impossible when 6 or more people live in a hut in a slum. Washing hands or surfaces is a luxury that simply is not possible for many.

These are the issues impacting the communities, and that’s before any of them have actually contracted the virus.

Thanks to regular gifts from DIAS Pioneers, we’ve already been able to send our Partners additional finances to prepare and equip their staff with protective equipment.

They have bought water containers and soap to set up hand washing stations, and they have also bought thermometers, gloves and masks. Each day we are sharing information and connecting with them so they know they are not alone. We are very fortunate here in Australia with lots of information readily available and we are making sure they also have access to this.

We’ve set up regular video meetings, passing on all the experience and advice we can. We have 3 very experienced doctors who are personally communicating with them and preparing them for what is to come.

Isolation, distancing and being under quarantine orders can be lonely and emotionally distressing. But we have already seen that by keeping in close contact with them during this crisis, we have been able to lift their spirits and bring them hope.

This is such an uncertain time and, if you are able, our Partners need your support to ensure children can continue being fed, housed and protected. Costs for basic items are rising daily, and there’s never been a more urgent time to make a gift. Thank you!