A house made of sticks

When we walked into their mud and stick house, it was hard to believe these four young siblings could live like that.

But they were proud.

Stephen, Kevin, Philip and Molly are orphans. Both of their parents passed away, and now at just 15 years old, Kevin has taken on the role a head of the family.

His older brother Stephen is not able to contribute much to the family in terms of hard labour since he has a form of osteogenesis – his bones are brittle and break easily. So Kevin does most of the work, all the while trying to stay in school.

Disaster struck when their mud hut collapsed during the last rainy season and they were forced to sleep on the streets, under tables, and beneath sheets of plastic and tin at a local fishing village.

Thankfully, Frank and Lindah heard of their plight and together with some local help and funding from DIAS, they built Kevin a new house. It may only be a basic-looking house made of mud and sticks, but for now, they are dry and can protect their meagre provisions.

So when we walked through the door during our DIAS team trip in August, they were proud. Proud to be surviving. Proud to have a home.

In time, Frank will teach them how to plaster the mud structure with cement and make it more durable.

This situation is an example of what Frank and Lindah feel they are led to do in the community of Kisumu. To share their own resources, skills and compassion. To stop for the one. To care for and defend the vulnerable.

The Early Childhood Development House (ECD) is also a key part of their vision for the community and will allow them to further protect the vulnerable. It will one day be home for 21 orphan infants, and will also support young mothers who have nowhere to go.

If you can stand with us as we support them in this calling, then please donate now to finish the ECD. With your help, the ECD can open its open the doors and save the lives of such vulnerable children in the region.

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