Lots happening behind the scenes

DIAS has been working tirelessly over the last month to make incredible gains for 2016 …

Tax Deductibility

After many years of research and investigations we decided late last year to apply for tax deductibility. After seeking legal opinion it was determined that we do qualify for tax deductibility. An application was then lodged with the Australian Charities Network Commission and we hope to receive this determination in the next few weeks.

We know that many of our supporters have enquired about this and we look forward to providing these tax receipts for all donations over $2. We will confirm the certification as soon as we receive it.

Grand Tour Of Hope 2016

After running the Tour Of Hope for 6 years we have at last chosen the Sunshine Coast as our playground for 2016. Mark the dates 30th September to 3rd October in your diary. Put in your leave application for the Friday and start your fund raising. This year promises to be even better and more enjoyable than before.

Besides a few hills along the way, we will be enjoying the tranquil and beautiful scenery of the Mary Valley and surrounding countryside. And all for a great cause. This year’s funds will be allocated to constructing a rehabilitation centre for victims and survivors of abuse in Uganda. What better cause can there be for riding and raising funds?

The wheels of Justice

In January the evil witchdoctor that had imprisoned and abused a 2 year old girl called Hope was caught and arrested in a police operation assisted by Kyampisi Childcare Ministries. He had been on the run for 6 years after bribing police and faking his own death. On Monday the 4th April his trial commenced and our partners at KCM are now assisting the prosecution of this man, ensuring that he faces justice and be prevented from doing this to other innocent and vulnerable children.

We applaud the tireless and dangerous work of all the team at KCM.

St Paul’s Rehabilitation Centre relocated

The rehabilitation centre known as St Paul’s has been relocated from Kampala to Kyampisi. Thanks to 4 generous supporters of DIAS the funds for the move and purchase of new beds and play equipment has meant that the children are now located within 300m of the KCM office and Weema Clinic.