Tour of Hope 2016

Mary Valley and Sunshine Coast


The best four-day spring riding experience you will ever get. This year’s Tour of Hope takes in a great combination of flats and hills, with nothing too taxing for the medium-fitness rider. It’s a long weekend ride, with great food, and fixed accommodation.

Limited spaces so register your spot early!


Pre-Registration: $10 
Non-refundable. Allows riders to begin fundraising.
Full-Registration: $600 (due 23/9)
Note: $590 if already pre-registered.
Submit online as donation to your entry.
Includes free high quality jersey.

We ask riders to aim for a fundraising goal of $1000 above their registration.
Fundraising should not pay for rider registration. Donations tax-deductible

No one gets left behind, and the hills are easy this year. Perfect for a group of friends to join in, or come along and make a few more!

A steady average pace of approx 25kph ensures men and women don’t need to be elite athletes to enjoy a fantastic yet challenging event.

Our premium gear is great to wear all year. Jerseys have been pre-ordered due to manufacturing lead-times. We hope to have your complimentary jersey in your size!

Arrive to ensuited cabins and more food than you can handle!

You get to relax each day in familiar surroundings at the Tuchekoi Higher Ground facility.

This year we are raising money to house victims of child-sacrifice in Uganda. This horrific practice is being outlawed thanks to our partners in Kampala.

TOH on Strava!

Join our group for training rides and to keep track of fellow riders.

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