Shelin: a crusader against child sacrifice

With hope as the only tangible reality, justice still remains a dream that every victim envisions before they wake up from the ugly nightmare of child sacrifice that smothers a bright future.”

These are powerful words from a courageous woman who’s been working to stop child sacrifice since 2009.

Meet Shelin. She’s a single mother who has overcome her own tragedies to continue fighting the good fight to stop child sacrifice in Kyampisi. She’s currently finishing her post-graduate studies in child sacrifice and has been working with KCM from the very start.

Working on child sacrifice and human trafficking cases is such a slippery path that requires emotional preparation and awareness of what every parent could experience if the vice is not wiped out,” she says.

It’s such an uphill task of witnessing pain, regret, grief and sorrow of victims and their loved ones. Their experience should encourage everyone’s prayers to stop the vice before it comes their way because it’s brutal and unbearably sad.”

This is the reality that KCM staff face every day. They are out chasing down evil, and exposing themselves to dangers and murderous intents. But the risks haven’t stopped Shelin from seeking justice for the victims, and what’s more, she has had to overcome her own personal grief to keep pressing on.

I remember spending hours on emails, texts and phone calls during 2016 as I tried to help her husband get urgent medical treatment in Australia. He was growing weaker every day from an undiagnosed infection, but unfortunately, he passed away before we could get him help.

To lose a husband and the father of your child at such a young age is not “fair” and could quite justifiably have caused her to lose hope and focus. But not Shelin!

It has only spurred her on even more to strive for justice and continue growing the KCM team.

Our patience has been tested by times when we’ve had nothing; but now that we have a team with a cause, let our humility and knowledge be brought to bear in a joint task force that will ensure a bright future for Uganda. A team that will see children of Uganda live to count as many years of life as God destined them to live,” she says.

Everyone in the community has a role to play… let us not despair but unite for a better future that is still ahead of us.”

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