Inside Haggai’s home during lockdown

Lockdown life in Uganda is definitely a change for locals, where so much of life is out on the streets. Usually, small businesses and outdoor markets are the heartbeat of so many Ugandan cities. It’s usually a place where people ride bikes, walk or many cram into small vans or in the back of utes.

But all that has changed.

The President has stopped outdoor exercise and walking. People are only allowed outside on foot or bicycle to buy essential food. All outdoor businesses have been closed, together with all forms of transport, including private cars and motorcycles taxis. So only a few people are allowed to walk to the food markets before the 7pm curfew.

The initial 14-day restrictions have been extended by another 21 days, which will now end on 5th May. But they may be extended again.

And now, there are some reports of a 43% jump in cases in Africa over the last week. So who knows what is ahead for these African cities.

Haggai’s wife, Agnes, and his daughters are so grateful to have food during lockdown.

Haggai shares how life has changed for his family during this time and how they’ve been coping:

“Since we had never experienced such moment as a family, the beginning of the lockdown was a shock, especially for the children. At first, we spent most of our time in our bedroom reading, but with time, we’ve become intentional to build some things in each member’s life.

“We had started to get all sorts of message from the news and social media that we beginning to create an environment of fear, panic, anxiety and depression. So instead, we have been reading inspiring stories together as a family, listening to updates from the President and Ministry of Health, and reading guiding emails from the DIAS team. This has helped us very much.”

“Initially, we started family jogging and fitness until the President stopped outdoor exercise and walking.

“Our daughters use their extra time to read and do their home school assignments that were set by their schools at the time of closure.

“Thanks to funds from DIAS, we did most of our shopping at the beginning of lockdown, which helped us stock up on non-perishable food items, and we walk to the food market to buy perishable foods like fruits and vegetables.”

Thank you for supporting Haggai and his family during this time of lockdown!

Haggai has been supporting 6 families who are sick and totally without food and resources in their homes during COVID-19.