How We Work

We partner with trusted leaders in Africa who have

a dream to see their communities flourish.

We believe leaders know what their communities need – better than we do, living on the other side of the world. They live in the same conditions, they suffer the same illnesses, they rub shoulders daily with the children they serve. They know the cultural issues and deep-running beliefs of the community.


There’s always one thing that fuels every project, every decision, every plan that DIAS invests into. And it’s this: to give children an education, medical care and a future. Everything must work towards building up and nurturing children because they are often the most neglected, but also the most vital part, in altering a community. They are the next generation of leaders.


The DIAS way is all about going low and going slow. Long-term change might take time initially; DIAS has spent more than a decade fostering relationships with key leaders, mentoring them and hearing their dreams for their communities. It takes time but it leads to long-term, lasting change that alters generations. Our small DIAS team is made up of an engineer, an accountant, a financial advisor, a business consultant, an investment advisor and a doctor. Each one uses their professional skills to mentor and advise our local leaders. Our very hands-on, personal approach ensures there is accountability and transparency on the ground. DIAS operates with no overheads (all administrative costs are covered by the Directors), which means 100% of all donations go directly to the children in Africa.


DIAS is an ACNC-registered charity with tax deductibility status.

With your help, we invest in our partners and their vision to create lasting change.

Support Leaders

Invest into people doing the work on the ground. Local leaders do the work, day in day out. It’s vital they are supported. With your help, we cover the salaries of our partners – Haggai & Agnes, Frank & Lindah, Joseph & Cate, and Peter & Joeline – and their staff.

Support Children

Cover children’s education, treatment and medical care. Many children in these communities need ongoing support – like victims of child sacrifice who need rehabilitation their whole lives, or orphans who have no way to feed themselves. Through your support, we cover any costs to train and treat children, including education costs and teacher wages.

Support Projects

Fund projects to create self-sustaining communities. Communities grow when they can sustain themselves. With your help, we can complete short-term projects to add value to the communities – whether that’s building a new school, setting up a health clinic, or starting a business.