Rescued and in need of critical care

It’s one of the most shocking cases we’ve ever seen. Children as young as one year old have just been rescued from traffickers. Their injuries are extreme and some were so malnourished, they had to be rushed to hospital for transfusions and placed on feeding drips.


Thankfully the traffickers are already behind bars and will face a very long time in prison. But we need to turn our attention to these innocent and hurting children.


They are going to need extensive and expensive care. If you can, please dig deep once again and help us to help them. 

What your gift will fund

With bold support from friends like you, our team in Africa can meet the children’s most pressing physical and emotional needs as well as their long-term needs through aftercare services:
  • medical screening and care
  • trauma-informed counseling
  • meals, formula, diapers and clothing
  • physical protection and safe housing
  • regular professional assessments of their physical, emotional, and mental health
  • the chance to play, learn and grow with our survivors
  • the opportunity to rebuild relational trust
  • love, love and more love!


Child trafficking can feel like an overwhelming issue, but we have hope because healing is possible. When survivors are supported through long-term care, they can build healthy, independent futures. Our brave seventeen will laugh and smile again.


Thank you for taking the time to read our call for help. We are so grateful for every drop, every dollar, and every action you take to support vulnerable children. Your kindness makes the miracles happen!

The children are physically free from their traffickers but they have a long journey ahead. Thank you for seeing them and supporting their healing.