Meet the Women of Kyampisi

Your husband has died.
You never finished primary school.
And you have five children to feed.

If this was you, what would you do? What’s your next step?

For many Ugandan women who live this life, the streets become their homes. Or their children skip school, forced to feed the family.

But this is not the reality for more than 30 women in Kyampisi. They are part of an incredible program run by KCM, and now work and confidently support their families.

The Destiny Women’s Project started in 2013 to help women learn skills in trades like agriculture, sewing and craft making. Some do animal rearing and grow crops, while others sew school uniforms for the children who go to Kyampisi Childcare Academy.

The women are awarded certificates at the end of the courses, which help many find work, even outside of Kyampisi. All the items made are sold and the money is used to support the families of the women involved in the project.

Here are some of the Destiny women…

Olivia, 26
Olivia was struggling to support her two children. She couldn’t find a job because she never graduated primary school, and she had no skills.

But that changed when she joined the project. Olivia heard about the program through Kyampisi Community Church, and she went back to school. She recently graduated with a Certificate in Fashion and Design, and can now support her children through sewing.

Miriam, 38
After Miriam’s husband of 19 years died, she didn’t know what to do. That’s when she heard about the Destiny Women’s Project. She quickly learned about agriculture, weaving baskets and mats, making paper necklaces, knitting sweaters, and sewing.

Miriam found her passion in sewing, and now, she can support her family through her passion. And importantly, she can make clothes for her four children, which she could not afford to buy.

Eva, 35
Eva, her husband, and their five children moved to Kyampisi almost three years ago after they went through some financial challenges. Soon after joining Kyampisi Community Church, Eva became involved in the Destiny Women’s Project.

Eva was excited to find she could be involved in sewing and she immediately signed up! She learned how to sew as a child, and is very happy to be doing something she loves and earn from it at the same time.

But Eva is most excited about working alongside a group of women who understand what she’s gone through.