About DIAS

Every vulnerable child deserves to be cared for.
Each one should have a hope-filled future.

Our story began back in 2006 – and since then, we’ve been working with trusted leaders in Kenya and Uganda to give vulnerable children a future.

We resource our partners – train them, give financial support and practical skills – so their communities will become self-sustaining.

Our vision is to see children like Lavender grow up receiving an education and health care.

Lavender and Owen

She was 14 years old… pregnant, scared, and afraid for her future.

Her mind raced with so many fears…

“Would I need to drop out of school?
“Will my mum marry me off?”
“Will I die in childbirth?”

Lavender lives with her mum in Kisumu, a small town in Kenya. They live off the small living her mum makes from weaving papyrus mats.

But it’s not enough.

With nowhere to turn, Lavender knocked on the door of Frank and Lindah, our partners in Kisumu.

Lindah calmed Lavender and prayed with her. They spoke with Lavender’s mum about her fears… and her mum offered to care for the baby so Lavender could return to school. She also agreed to turn down all the marriage offers she’d received for Lavender.

Only a child herself, Lavender and her baby were at risk during her pregnancy. But Frank & Lindah collected enough funds to make sure Lavender could have her baby in hospital safely.

Lavender (middle) with mum and sister
Lavender at school

A year on… Lavender is enjoying life with her beautiful son, Owen. She’s back in school, with the support of Frank & Lindah… and you!

Lavender is just one ‘droplet’ in a big stream.
Will you help us, one droplet at a time?

You can give vulnerable children a future. Join us.

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