Our Impact

Our journey began fifteen years ago when four friends traveled to Uganda.


Rod, Jen, Pat and Chris travel to Uganda and form a charity called Droplets in a Stream. 

While there, they establish relationships with Bridge Christian Ministries (BCM) and the Milele team.


The founders take more friends to Africa on Explorer Trips.


Together with our growing community of supporters, we raise $14 000 on our first cycling Tour of Hope.


We establish our relationship with Kyampisi Childcare Ministries (KCM) in Uganda.


10 acres of land purchased for Frank and Lindah to develop the Milele Centre.


Droplets In A stream is registered as a charity with The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.



In Uganda, Bridge Christian Ministries opens New Seasons School with 60 students.


We establish our relationship with Restoration of Hope Ministries (ROHMI) in Kenya.

Construction starts on the Early Childhood Development Centre in Milele, Kenya.

We survey and set out the Rehabilitation Centre at Kyampisi Childcare Ministries.

We commence our Final Tour Of Hope with a total of $368,400 raised across 7 tours.


Young Robert, who survived a brutal witchdoctor attack, travels to Australia for his first surgery.


Land purchased and levelled for KCM’s Rehabilitation Centre.



KCM’s Weema Clinic opens to the public.

Construction commences on KCM’s Rehabilitation Centre.

We film “How To Catch a Witch Doctor” with CBS in Uganda.

Droplets In A Stream is recognised in the Queensland State Government Parliamentary Tea.

A film by Shot Imagery featuring Droplets In a Stream wins the People’s Choice Award at the Cause Film Festival.

Annual donations exceed $500 000.


Construction is completed on the Early Childhood Development Centre at the Milele Centre.


The ROHMI Drop-In Centre opens and treats over 60 street boys a month.

After extensive rehabilitative therapy, Robert moves to the USA to live with his new family.

Annual donations exceed $1,000,000.


The Early Childhood Development Centre welcomes its first mother and child in July.

The trial for Allan Sembatya’s case was concluded with both witchdoctors sentenced to 20 years in jail.

Thank you for helping to make all this possible!