Soccer is transforming Bungoma’s streets


Who would have thought a ball and net would rally Bungoma’s youth and give them a vision for their future?

Bungoma’s street boys spend their days searching for food and just ‘surviving’, which means there’s no time to play games or enjoy life.

But our partner, Restoration of Hope Ministries (ROHMI), is using soccer to give these boys an outlet for their skills and grow their talents. And in the process, it has become far more than just a friendly game to these boys… giving them a mindset where they believe they can do anything with their lives.

When school is finished for the day or it’s a weekend, the boys living in ROHMI’s home and those still living on the streets unite together for training sessions. Often, they play each other in friendly matches, afterwards enjoying a meal together. Most of the boys now dream of becoming professional soccer players.

One of these boys is called Dan Wanyonyi. After his parents separated five years ago, Dan and his mum were forced to provide for themselves. This soon became too difficult, and Dan’s mum abandoned him in their house and never returned. Dan started searching for scrap metals and plastics to sell at night after he finished school, but that only lasted him a few days. Soon his landlord kicked him out of the house because Dan couldn’t afford to pay rent and was left to live on the streets.

Every Sunday morning, Dan joined other streets boys at ROHMI’s church service. That was four years ago, and now Dan is one of the few lucky boys who ROHMI has rescued off the streets and is living in their home. Dan is on ROHMI’s senior soccer team and is thriving at school. His future is bright and that’s because he has had opportunities to overcome street life.

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