Bungoma, Kenya

Creating a home for street boys

Hundreds of boys call Bungoma’s streets their home. They search dumping sites for scraps, looking for a meal. When restaurant workers bring a wheelbarrow of leftovers to the garage heaps, these boys must fight off the street dogs to claim it.

It’s a hard life for these children, who have either been abandoned or have chosen to leave their homes after being abused, neglected or frightened.

Our partners, Joseph & Cate, saw this happening and felt moved to give these fatherless boys a father figure to depend on.

The Vision

Joseph and Cate created Restoration Of Hope Ministries International (ROHMI) to feed and educate boys living on the streets.

ROHMI was initially an outreach to street boys – Joseph would take them to the river for a bath and help them wash their clothes; he’d feed them on a Sunday; and treat their wounds. But it soon became clear that more preventative action was needed.

So ROHMI created a home for 30 boys and placed them in a good school. These boys receive education, clothing, food and safe shelter – just like a normal family.

Many of the boys lack proper nutrition and medical care while living on the streets, so ROHMI provides health services to them as they often contract malaria, typhoid and many skin infections.

Joseph’s dream is to house more street kids and give them an opportunity to attend school. He plans to buy land to build a home, school, clinic, training centre, and farm.

Meet Joseph & Cate

Joseph grew up seeing street children suffering on the streets – he used to feel sorry for them but didn’t know what to do to help them. All that changed after he had a dream one night in February 2002.

In this dream, he saw African children, mostly boys, in a very big pit. And the pit was sinking. These kids were crying for help; they wanted someone to hear them and help. People were just passing by… some people could hear the cry, but they would not stop. When Joseph reached there, a voice told him to take the children from this pit. So he knelt down, stretched down his right hand, and began pulling them out one by one. That day, God gave him a love for street kids.

Before starting ROHMI, Joseph was an assistant pastor and his wife, Cate, a teacher.

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