The team had just visited a home in Nateete’s slums with food, soap and school supplies, when instantly a father started sobbing in front of his children, tears streaming down his face.

The last three months has been one of the most challenging times for families living in Nateete’s slum. The Ugandan Government has encouraged people to stay at home, wash their hands and keep social distancing to limit the spread of COVID-19, but the majority of families live in congested one-room houses and can’t afford to buy soap. Families have no radios or TVs to get updates, and many have no idea how to home school their children who have been out of school for months.

Bridge Christian Ministries (BCM) has been visiting the homes of the children in their school since lockdown started. Classes have not been running, but BCM have tried to support families as best they can.

During their visits, the team has encountered many heart breaking conditions, where parents are crying in front of their children due to lack of food and soap to wash hands. They’ve been told the only way to prevent the virus is through washing hands, yet they don’t have the money to buy even a single bar of soap. They feel helpless and like they are failing as parents.

With so many government restrictions against visiting homes, it’s been challenging for the team to visit the families, but they’ve had no choice but to reach out. Many of the parents and guardians have been in the lockdown for three months and those with small businesses have felt completely destroyed, with any savings used to look after the family. So, the greatest challenge is starvation and struggles with health, since many can’t access health facilities.

BCM has delivered food and soap, plus home schooling teaching materials and resources, to the children and families in their community.

Thank you for making this support possible, and for giving struggling parents a lifeline during the pandemic.

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