When a bike changes a life…


Earning $5 a day might not seem like a lot to us, but for George, it’s enough to radically change his life.

His father left the family years ago and his troubled mother couldn’t care for him, so George left home and decided that street life was a better option. It’s hard to fathom just how bad his home life must have been to be worse than conditions on Bungoma’s streets.

For five years that was George’s reality.

But during that time, our partner in Bungoma (ROHMI) gave George a daily meal and medical care. And just this year, they started providing counselling sessions to young boys like George, to help them deal with the trauma of their experiences.

Through his relationship with the ROHMI team, George was gifted a bike by one of our supporters, which has allowed him to start his own small ‘taxi’ business on the back of the bike.

George in earning about 350 Kenyan Shillings a day (A$5.00) and that’s enough to get him off the streets! He’s able to rent a shared room and start a life of safety and provision.

You can give more boys this opportunity! Each bike or other business start-up will change a life and bring hope. Contact us to find out more by emailing info@dropletsinastream.com.au or calling 0434 833 172.