The face I will never forget


My journey to Africa was one I’ll never forget. I saw Africa in all its beauty, but also its immense poverty.

There are many people who will stay with me forever, but I can’t seem to get the face of a woman called Prossie out of my mind.

By Milton Young

We came across her during the few days we spent in Kyampisi, Uganda. She has seven children and her husband has left her. When we got there, we discovered she had an accident at work a month ago. Her job is to break big rocks into little rocks and sell them to feed her family. While breaking rocks, a piece flew into her eye

Prossie had no money, which meant she’d just put up with the extreme pain and not been able to seek medical help for a very simple fix. She has lost her sight in this eye. Prossie had not been able to work to put food on the table, and when we arrived, her family had completely run out of food. These small kids looked very hungry and Prossie was helpless to change the situation.

I was totally broken as our team discovered this family by chance. The situation was so sad and so desperate that we had to respond immediately. There was no other choice.

We headed into town straight away and were able to buy food to last them about four months. DIAS partner, Peter Michael, and his KCM team are on the ground and will ensure she receives medical care. My business back home in Australia has also been able to sponsor the seven children into school, and we’ll also help provide food and medical attention.

Something happened in my heart that day that day that has changed me forever.

I know for a fact we have saved the lives of this family and their future is now bright. I cannot wait to meet Prossie and her kids five years from now, and see what a difference Peter Michael, DIAS and our finances have made together.

One of the main reasons I went on this trip was to meet a partner in Kenya that my business has been supporting for several years now. I’ve heard a lot about ROHMI and watched their work via email, but never personally seen what was going on. It brought me so much joy to finally meet Joseph from ROHMI and see the 30 young boys he has housed off the streets.

These boys – each with their own tragic story – once used to fend for themselves on the streets. But it was amazing to visit and see these boys now; they are educated and finishing at the top of their class, strong, healthy, and are mentors themselves. Joseph, with the help of DIAS, is now a father to the fatherless. He loves these boys like his own.

We saw firsthand that the money we had sown for years was literally changing lives.

The obvious hurdle is that the home is now at capacity and the need is still so great. Being able to expand Joseph’s work when resources and funds are limited – this is now our next challenge. But it’s one we will overcome!

Milton was part of a team of 15 people who spent two weeks visiting our four DIAS partners in Kenya and Uganda.