As we enter the final school term of 2020 most of the teachers in the schools we support are already looking forward to a new year. Resources are being assessed and prepared. We want to assist them by providing them the funds to supply each fo their children with a Start Up Pack. 

We want to raise $20,000 to do this. Will you help us reach that target? 

As the Coronavirus restrictions are being eased across Uganda and Kenya many children now have the opportunity to return to school for their last term of 2020. However, most of these children are not able to pay full school fees and certainly not able to purchase books and what we would consider the basic supplies and stationery.  Many parents are unemployed and are unable to provide much more than food and simple shelter.

So, we want to provide each of these kids a “Start Up Pack” containing the basic stationery items like a notebook, pens and pencils as well as hygiene items like hand sanitiser, soap, a tooth brush and toothpaste.   

Not only will such a pack improve their teachability, but it will also improve essential hygiene practices and eliminate peer pressures amongst them. 

Together we can make an incredible difference by providing a small but valuable gift. Please give generously by donating now.


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