We will not forget them

You can build a home for 21 children in Kenya
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Right now, there’s a child in Kisumu who’s roaming the streets, looking for a place to sleep. He’s only 5 years old, but he must look after himself. His parents aren’t around anymore..

He may be alone, but he has not been forgotten.

Our partners, Frank and Lindah, are rescuing abandoned children in Kisumu and caring for them in a loving family environment. This is their dream for the Milele Centre.

They want to open an Early Childhood Development House for children up to 5 years old… and they want it running by January 2017. But they need your help to do it!

It will cost $80,000 to make it possible, including building costs, resources and carers.

Two dedicated trained carers will live in-house with the 21 children. This means the same ‘mamma’ will raise them throughout their child lives, so they can experience what it means to have a family.  Frank and Lindah will also partner with adoption agencies to connect babies with loving families.


Will you give these abandoned children a home?

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