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Jessica spent her days living on a mat in the dirt. Because of her disability, she couldn’t feed herself. She couldn’t talk. Walk. Or go to the bathroom on her own.

And as if life couldn’t get harder for Jessica… she was sexually assaulted and left pregnant at just 17 years old.

Any hint of a pregnancy would have brought shame to the family, so Jessica’s mother hid it from neighbours. She’d tell people her daughter had ‘stomach pains’, so Jessica never visited a doctor once.

One day, with no one around – unable to walk or speak out for help – Jessica gave birth to her child all of her own. Her baby did not survive.

Jessica’s story is not the first of its kind, and it will not be the last. Many children and teens who fall pregnant have been sexually assaulted, and with no support, their babies are often abandoned or die.

But the Early Childhood Development (ECD) House will change this for young women in Kisumu, Kenya.

Once it’s up and running, it’ll house 21 children up to five years old. A trained ‘house mother’ and a nurse will live in-house with children to provide a caring environment.

It’ll be a place where young mums can receive counselling and support throughout their pregnancy. And where there’s a day care program, allowing mothers to get further education. It’s a place of prevention, encouraging mums to keep their children.

The shell of the house is complete, but it will cost A$35,000 to fit out the building. This cost includes doors, glazing windows, electrical works, cupboards, septic system, plastering, tiling, ceilings and painting.

Will you help reach this A$35,000 target by 30th June?

Make a tax-deductible gift today and rewrite the story for young girls like Jessica.

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