About the Weema Clinic & Maize Mill

Weema is closely connected with a larger, and long-term project called Kyampisi Childcare Ministries situated in rural Kyampisi, Uganda.

“Weema”, which in the local language means “sanctuary”, is being built in the remote Ugandan village of Kyampisi. There, our local partner Peter Michael has for some years been building a school and community services to improve the standard of living. Kyampisi-MapHe is also championing the cause to eradicate child-sacrifice and trafficking which is rife in the region. He cares for victims which are discarded by their families, and has now successfully lobbied for the practice to be classified as illegal in the country.

The Weema Clinic itself is now complete, and now we are proceeding with the building of a maize mill on the same site which will provide ongoing income to pay for doctors and nurses. We are also now looking to purchase some specific capital items required to make the building operational. 

Why it is vital we build this clinic ...

While visiting this village in June 2015, the DIAS team met a local man and listened to his story. His wife had suddenly gone in to complex labour with no medical help nearby. He was forced to place her on the back of his small motorcycle in an attempt to get her to help. She died on the way to hospital, but the baby was saved.

The Weema clinic will prevent trauma like this with immediate and local medical treatment for the women and children of this remote area.

Please follow the link below if you wish to donate towards medical equipment and supplies needed for day to day use in Weema Clinic.


Fitting within the Master Plan:

Progress at Weema:

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