About the proposed St. Pauls Home

The St Pauls home is part of the larger, and long-term project called Kyampisi Childcare Ministries (KCM) situated in rural Kyampisi, Uganda.

SacrificeKidsKCM has an emerging and globally recognised mandate to advocate for and protect children who are victims of child-sacrifice.

This ancient and barbaric practice still permeates the culture of African nations. People seek garner favour on their life by offering up children who are tortured, mutilated and usually murdered as a sacrifice within local witchcraft.

KCM is involved in the capture and conviction of offenders; the forming of laws to officially declare the practice illegal; and to remove & rehabilitate children who have been mutilated. Most are maimed for life with various wounds including: genitals removed; skulls macheted; spines severed and many other profound trauma.

The St Pauls home will create a space for these children to live in safety and be rehabilitated. Onsite managers and helpers will care for the children around the clock, since most have been rejected by their own village for superstitious reasons.

Kyampisi-MapA multi-national team:

Joining KCM is a team of supporters including DIAS; surgeons and well-wishers from all over the globe. And yet there is nowhere near enough to keep this enormous work going.

Please give of your time and resources as we work to stamp out what is one of the most inhumane and barbaric practices in our world.

Fitting within the Master Plan:

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