Kyampisi, Uganda

Restoring victims of child-sacrifice

​It sounds barbaric, but right now, there’s a child being hunted by a witch doctor in rural Uganda.

These children are tortured and often murdered as part of a sacrifice, their body parts used during invented rituals that supposedly lead to good fortune.

The epicenter of this scourge is a village called Kyampisi, an hour from Uganda’s capital. Here, violent men masquerade as witch doctors. They play on peoples’ fears, naivety and suspicions, promising them blessings of prosperity or cures from illness. The practice is obviously unlawful, but due to extreme poverty, ignorance and fear, it is persisting. Children are snatched off the street, usually in poor villages.

But there’s hope because our partner Peter Michael Sewakiryanga, and his organisation Kyampisi Childcare Ministries (KCM), is stamping out this evil practice and bringing healing to these children. KCM is taking a multi-stranded approach by bringing justice to the victims; caring for the survivors and their families; transforming communities torn apart by this barbarism; and advocating for change at a policy level.

Peter’s rehabilitation home for child sacrifice survivors is just one part of a master plan to make Kyampisi a safe place for children.

The Vision

We are partnering with Kyampisi Childcare Ministries (KCM) to develop and execute a master plan for Kyampisi. We’re creating a ‘hub’ of support that includes a rehabilitation home for children, clinic, school, church, and self-sustaining income streams.

With your help, we’re currently working on two key projects in this community:

St Paul’s

A home for victims of child sacrifice

Many children who escape child sacrifice are maimed for life – their genitals have been removed, their skulls sliced, or their spines severed.

St Paul’s will be a safe place for these children to be rehabilitated. Onsite managers and helpers will care for the children, since many have been rejected by their own villages.

Maize Mill

… to fund the Weema Medical Clinic

KCM built the Weema Clinic in 2015 to treat new mothers and reduce high infant mortality rates. The clinic itself is complete, and we are now building a maize mill to generate ongoing income to pay for doctors and nurses. More here.

Meet Peter

Peter and his wife Joeline are tireless advocates for criminalising child sacrifice in Uganda. Peter is a pastor and an accountant, passionate about improving the standard of living for children and their families in Kyampisi.

As well as pastoring a church, Peter also oversees KCM – an organisation that captures and convicts child sacrifice offenders; lobbies for laws to declare the practice illegal; and rehabilitates children who have been mutilated.

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