Nateete, Uganda

Building a self-sustaining school for slum children

Like many slums in Africa, Nateete is bustling with children. As their parents look for work during the day, these children are locked out of their shack houses and left on the streets. They get no education and no food.

Our partner, Haggai, saw this happening and decided to do something about it.

The Vision

Haggai wants to get children in his neighbourhood off the streets, feed them, and send them to school. And that’s how New Seasons Nursery School started.

Our very first project with Haggai in 2010 was to build the school. Now, about 30 kids stream into his school each day to learn important life skills. In 2016, we also bought extra land around the property to build a playground for these kids.

With your support, we are now working with Haggai to create an income-generating project to sustain the school. In 2016, we funded a pharmacy to pay for the teachers’ wages – it’s open for business, but we’re still working with the pharmacy to ensure it’s profitable.

Meet Haggai

When we first met Haggai in 2006, he was running a church and his ministry – called Bridge Christian Ministry (BCM) – on land that constantly floods with sewerage water. And yet, Haggai refused to abandon his calling to these people in Nateete.

Haggai and his wife Agnes felt called to go into the area… it doesn’t ‘tick any of the boxes’ for a ministry location, but that’s why they are there. Although he has children of his own, Haggai takes boys off the streets and calls them his ‘sons’. It’s typical of what Haggai does… he’ll feed the kids before he feeds himself.

Haggai is sacrificial, humble, gifted, and relentless in his work. He’s currently studying social and community sciences, as well as theology and politics.


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