Our Work

Making their dreams a reality

This is how we work: we partner with trusted leaders in Africa who have a dream to see their communities flourish.

There’s always one thing that fuels every project, every decision, every plan. And it’s this: giving children in these communities – Kisumu, Kyampisi, Bungoma, and Nateete  – an education, medical care and a future.

We exist so children like Allan can receive hope…


He’s been called the ‘miracle boy’.

That’s because Allan miraculously survived an attempted child sacrifice.

He was attacked by two witch doctors in Kyampisi, Uganda.

They castrated him. Sliced open his head with a machete and took a piece of his skull. Stabbed him to use his blood for spiritual medicine.

But Allan survived.

Peter Michael, one of our long-term partners at Kyampisi Childcare Ministries (KCM), rescued Allan. He housed him and got him medical care.

We worked with KCM to bring Allan to Australia for urgent medical treatment. Allan is now a happy, healthy 10-year-old boy who dreams of becoming a doctor.

He’s just one child who’s received vital care through our partnerships.

We will not rest until more children get this opportunity.

We work with partners in 4 communities

Kisumu Kenya

Kisumu, Kenya

Creating a campus, called the Milele Centre, to house and educate orphaned and abandoned children.

Nateete, Uganda

Nateete, Uganda

Building a school campus for slum children to provide life-changing free education.


Kyampisi, Uganda

Kyampisi, Uganda

Creating a hub for care, including a home that rehabilitates victims of child sacrifice and a maternity clinic.

Kyampisi, Uganda

Bungoma, Kenya

Creating a house for street boys, where they can be fed, clothed and educated.

You can give vulnerable children a future. Join us.

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