This month marks an incredible milestone for Musana Daniel. He’s graduating from university with a Bachelor of Science (with Maths and Statistics).

Our partner Haggai saw potential in Daniel to make something of his life many years ago and has mentored him ever since. And now Daniel has a tertiary education, with a very high likelihood of finding a great job after he graduates this month.

But Daniel’s vision goes way beyond just getting a job.

He’s currently learning about writing articles and blogging, and he hopes to use these skills to become an influential voice in his community and give hope to many.

This has been Haggai’s approach from the start… stopping for the ‘one’ and mentoring them ever so gently until they realise the potential in themselves to do great things with their lives. It’s a tender and nurturing way of seeing change in a community, but it makes lasting difference that raises up leaders.

You often hear the phrase that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, and in this situation, it’s absolutely true. It has taken input from Haggai, his family, school teachers, private donors… and DIAS supporters like YOU to mentor Daniel through to this stage in his life.

Thank you!

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