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Like many slums in Africa, Nateete is bustling with children. As their parents look for work during the day,
the children are locked out of their shack houses and left to wander the streets. Without food or schooling,
life is tough and dangerous. Haggai saw this happening and decided to do something about it.

The Heart

On the outskirts of Kampala, in a slum literally built on a swamp, you’ll find the New Seasons School and two adjoining houses that are home to Bridge Christian Ministries (BCM). These structures represent nearly twenty years of tireless work by Haggai Mwesige in an area of such misery that most people encouraged him to abandon. Haggai helps as many children as he can by enrolling them in school where they can study, play, enjoy a meal and learn valuable life skills.

The People

When we first met Haggai in 2006, he was running BCM on land that constantly flooded with sewerage water. However, Haggai refused to abandon the people of Nateete. Although he and his wife, Agnes, have children of their own, Haggai believes it’s his calling to serve these people and in particular, the children. He’s been known to feed the children before he’ll feed himself.

The Vision

Nateete, Uganda


Haggai takes a holistic approach to helping children and getting them to safety. By enrolling them in school, they receive an education, nourishing meals, hygiene and a safe space to play. This has been so successful that the school originally built for thirty students, is now bursting at the seams! We are urgently looking for funding to help expand the facilities.

Nateete, Uganda


Most of the children arrive at school without a packed lunch or breakfast in their tummies, simply because their parents can’t afford it. To alleviate hunger pangs and help the children concentrate, BMC provide as many meals as possible. The long-term goal is to give every student a daily breakfast before class. BCM also provides the only free clean water supply in the area, allowing the children to drink and wash their hands.

Nateete, Uganda

Self-sustaining Income

BCM are striving for their school and community outreach programs to be self-sustaining. They have created an income-generating company called the Big Sound Empire, which records podcasts and music, runs public and private events and hires out sound and lighting equipment for functions.

Donate Now

to support BCM and give children the care they need.