StravaChallenge_onWhite1Get yourself in shape for the 2015 Grand Tour

Join the Strava Challenge and win awesome prizes!


JoinStravaNowButtonRiders who are registered for the 2015 Grand Tour of Hope are invited to join the Strava Challenge Group. Lat year’s challenge was a blast.

Great prizes are on offer for monthly winners (TBA)

This year’s challenges are:

  • May: 900k
  • June: 10,000m climbed
  • July: 1100k
  • August: 12,000m climbed
  • September: 1400k

Rules of the game:

  1. Cameron Singer can not change the rules this time
  2. Three challenges must be completed to be eligible to win your prize for any given month
  3. Person who completes the highest k’s or meters climbed above the qualifying level wins
  4. An individual can only win 1 monthly challenge
  5. No exchange for months completed v extra fundraising will be considered (as tempting as it is for us organisers!)
  6. Winners must be registered and paid up riders for the 2015 Grand Tour before September 11 2015
  7. Any other rules the organisers decide to include or change at any time.


To be confirmed – but you know they will be awesome!


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