From street boy to top of his class


After living on Bungoma’s streets – miserable, hopeless and rejected – Stephen was given the chance for a new way.

You helped give him that chance.

He stumbled off the streets and found his way into the children’s home at Restoration Of Hope Ministries International. While living in this stable home, Stephen was able to focus on his studies.

He started going to primary school and after sitting his final exams last year, became the best pupil in the entire school. Now, he’s been accepted into one of the best high schools in the Bungoma region. That was always his dream!

Stephen is very optimistic and knows that as he works hard in his studies, he will succeed in whatever he wants to accomplish.

Although Stephen is one of many good news stories coming out of Bungoma, don’t think for a moment the need isn’t great. Thousands more boys are currently roaming the streets, waiting for an opportunity like Stephen was given.

Give today to help another boy and give him a stable home where he can thrive.

See Stephen’s transformation for yourself

When Stephen was found living on Bungoma’s streets
Stephen’s first day of primary school
Stephen at ROHMI’s home for boys
Stephen on his first day of high school
Stephen standing with Joseph, the Director of ROHMI