Alex was 13 years old and living on the streets of Nateete. His only way of surviving was to steal whatever he could get his hands on… phones, bikes, anything.

But when he met a man by the name of Haggai, his life took a different turn.

“When I met Alex, we had some time to talk,” Haggai says. “I became a friend to him, and through friendship, I began to share values with him.”

Even though he was still stealing, Alex decided to join Haggai’s church.

“I remember this one time, when we were in church, and Alex was surrounded by police. He had stolen a bicycle and had run to church to pray, and the police came to surround him. I stood at the gate and [convinced them to leave him with me],” Haggai says.

Before Alex had changed his ways, Haggai took him into my home, and raised him like a son. “Because we’d become friends, he would do little havoc to me or my family. One thing I’ve come to realise is that any person can change, as long as there is an atmosphere of love.”

“The only life he knew was the street life, whereby you survive by using force or by stealing from someone. Living on the streets made it hard for him to easily change, so bringing him close gave him an opportunity to see another life.”

Like many of the boys Haggai took in, Alex did not have a job or any skills. “Part of what I did was taking these boys to school so they could learn skills,” he says.

Haggai became like a father to Alex, and as he shares his story, he’s beaming with pride like any dad would.

“Alex is in his early-thirties now. He finished school, went to university, now he’s started his own company. He is travelling all over the world and has about 30 employees.”

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