Our Story

It started when two ordinary Australians, like you, were confronted with a thought…

Will you remember these people?


Pat (left) and Rod (right) were living in Brisbane, but found themselves in Africa during 2006, on separate trips. And they both came back with an answer to that question.

Pat was visiting Kenya’s largest slum, called Kibera. He was in a small church – it was about 38 degrees, stinking hot. As he listened to a group of people singing Swahili songs, Pat looked out into a valley filled with sewerage and waste, and he saw kids playing. Right then, he was challenged to never forget the people.  And he hasn’t.

Rod was walking down a crowded street in a small town called Bwindi, in Uganda, when he felt a tug on his heart. As he walked past beggars, lining the road, Rod realised a life can change with just a few dollars. He knew right then he was being called to make a difference in the country, but he had no idea where to begin…

When Pat and Rod returned to Australia, they told each other about their experiences… and realised they could make a difference if they worked together. They reached out to two other friends with similar passions, and DIAS was formed in 2007.

From the beginning, it was never about funding projects in Africa. It’s always been about people. On their trips, the team met visionary couples, who are now DIAS partners. When they saw the passion these people had to transform their communities, they knew they had to help.

After years of friendship, we’ve developed life-long partnerships with our trusted workers on the ground… and we’re seeing children’s lives change.


You can give vulnerable children a future. Join us.

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