Some children have all the potential and drive in life to succeed, but it’s their circumstances that hold them back.

Things happen to them out of their control and these things so heavily restrict their future.

But not for Nakamate Shamillah.

She lives in the slums of Nateete. Her family is poor. Both her mother and father are jobless or unemployed. She dropped out of school. And yet all these factors haven’t stopped her reaching excellence, and that’s because of the opportunity you helped give her.

Shamillah attends the New Seasons Nursery and Primary School, run by our partner Haggai, and it’s changed her future.

She is now top of her class and says, “I am getting good grades and I am better than I was at the beginning [of the year] because I didn’t know what I know now. I’m feeling good about the school and I love the school.

Many children like Shamillah don’t get this opportunity, but because of you, she does, and now she desires to become a doctor. How good is that?!

To find out more about Haggai’s work in Nateete, click here.

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